How can I get my router password if I forgot?

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Being able to access your router is always a helpful option. You can boost the security of your router by changing the access password so that no freeloaders can surf on your connection. You can also set access control and also forward ports. Mostly all routers come with a default username and password. But it is advised to change the default username and password of your router to make it more secured and protected but then it’s on you to remember the credentials you have used

If you forgot your router password, the following sections should be of assistance.

Default username and Password

Before performing a factory reset on your router, you may want to try the default password and username. While not all the users change their default password and username, therefore; it is worth trying. Besides, you will need the default username and password and password if you end up resetting the router to its factory default settings.

There are some ways to find the default credentials of the router:

  • Read your router’s manual:

To locate the default password and username of your router, look for it in its user manual. In case, you have lost your manual, you can often find it by searching on Google for your router’s model number and manual.

  • Look for a sticker on your router itself:

linksys password

Many routers especially those who may have come from your ISP (internet service provider) ship with unique password and these passwords are printed on a sticker on the router itself.

  • Try most common username and password combination:

By default, most of the routers use the username ‘admin’ and blank password, a blank password and ‘admin’ password, or both the username and password as ‘admin’

If any of these above mentioned ways don’t get you in then you will need to reset your router back to its factory default settings.

Reset your router back to its default settings:

All routers have a small and hidden button you can press to reset the router to its factory default settings. Any configuration changes you have made to the router- network settings, parental control, forwarded ports and custom passwords all gets wiped away.  And, after the reset of your router, you will be able to access the router with its default username and password.

The exact reset process varies from router to router. For best results, consult your router’s manual. Generally the process is same for most routers.

Reset linksys router

First, look at the bottom of your router; you will see a tiny button labeled reset.  To reset your router, you will need to press that that button for about 20 seconds and then release it. You will need a paperclip to hold the button.

After resetting the router you will be able to log in with the default username and password.

Password boosts the security of your router as you can set access control and forward ports. If you forgot your router password you can follow these above mentioned steps that will help you logging in to your router.  In case, you face any problem in between the process, feel free to contact our technical team at the toll free number _ or send them your query at _