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An Access Point has a web-based configuration utility which is known as the Access point web-based configuration Utility. The web-based configuration utility is GUI (Graphical User Interface) which gives an administrator a tool that is simple to use and contains all the features that can be updated and changed to modify the performance of a device. This is the easiest way to access the device and configure its settings. To make this utility work, you must connect the device to the administrative PC or laptop. In this blog, we are going it explain to you how to access the configuration page of your Access point and how to log into the access point.

Before jumping to the steps, below is a list of things you will be requiring to log into the Access Point.

  1. An Ethernet cable
  2. Computer or any other device
  3. An Access point
  4. Active Internet connection

Now, let’s proceed to the steps involved in the process to log into the Access point:

How to log into the access point?

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First of all, connect a wired computer to the LAN port on the back of Access point with the help of an Ethernet cable. Open any web browser of your choice and into the address bar of your browser enter the default IP Address of your Access point. After typing the default IP address, press ‘Enter.’ A logging page will appear on your screen asking you to enter the login credentials. Enter the default username and password of your access point and click ‘Ok.’ Now, you are logged into the web-based configuration of your access point.

Note: If you cannot get to the login page or if you get to the login page but cannot log in, you can reset your router to default factory settings by pressing the reset button at the back of the router for about ten seconds as this will erase all the settings in access point and will restore the default settings.

How to change the settings of access point?

Once you are logged in, you can change the settings of access point.  Go to the system utility of your access point and its IP Address to be in the same network. You can even change the wireless settings of your access point. It is also advised to change the network name (SSID) and passphrase of the access point to make it more secure and protected. After making all the changes, make sure you save the new settings by clicking on the button ‘Apply changes’ on the bottom of the page.

To conclude, you need to connect the access point to the computer with an Ethernet cable, login to the web configuration of your access point and change the settings. If you face an issue while logging into the access point, you can mail us your query or give us a call at our 24*7 available toll-free number, we will be more than happy to assist you.