Smart Device Loses Connection to Network

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Is your smart device loses connection to network unexpectedly? For example, while you are away from your computer or your screensaver kicks in or you don’t use your internet for a while. There often seems to be no reasons behind wifi connections that drop off randomly.  Dropped internet connections are very common and thankfully, their solutions do exist. However, before determining the solutions of dropping internet connections, you need to understand what might be the causes of dropping internet connections. Therefore, in this blog, we will tell you the reasons of your dropping internet connections and also some troubleshooting tips.

1. Insufficient wifi network range and power:

Your wireless access point is going to reach only to a particular range limit. Therefore, when you are accessing the internet on the outer edge of the range limit, you will notice that your wifi connection starts dropping. You might suffer from weak wifi access if your router is buried in a closed space such as a closet, stuck in the corner of the basement, four rooms away or just simply old or broken.


The easy solution is moving closer to your router or moving the router to you. Lessen the distance between your device and your router, strengthen the odds of good connection are.

Another solution is using range extenders to extend the range of your wireless network.

2. The Network is overloaded:

If there are too many devices using your home network, the bandwidth for each device is limited.  When devices lack bandwidth, websites won’t open, videos stop playing and the device might even disconnect and reconnect from the network over and over again.


Take some of the devices off of your network. If someone is browsing movies on TV, turn it off. If someone is playing games on your network, have them take a break. If someone is downloading files then see if can use a program that supports bandwidth control. If your network is still slower then restart your router and see how that plays out as sometimes the router’s memory becomes full and it needs flushing to work properly.

3. Outdated driver or firmware:

Each computer which is connected to the wireless network uses software called device driver and network routers contain related technology called firmware. This software might be corrupted or outdated and cause dropping network and other wireless problems.


Update your router’s firmware to its newest version and also consider updating your device’s network driver.

4. Using the wrong wifi network:

If two neighbors run an unsecured network with the same SSID, then chances are your devices may connect to the wrong network without your knowledge. In this case, your smart device will lose the connection when the neighboring networking is turned off. Also, if the other network is suffering from bandwidth issues, your device might experience dropping network connection.


Take proper measures to ensure that your devices connect to the right network. Stop joining network automatically on your device to avoid connecting to unsecured wifi.  

These were some of the reasons why your smart device might lose connection to the wireless network. You can check the solutions mentioned-above to troubleshoot connection issues. If your smart devices still face connection issues, you can contact us at our toll-free number to know more and to resolve your issues.